Online Class Notes (George)[S/R]


i study in college and had been study in college for 2 years, and i like cooking and travel actually i didn’t to study english but in china must to study that , i need to pass some test and i want to use when i travel to other country.

i had been to thailand and Japan korea and Singapore, when i travel i need a translate app to help me say something.

my favorite is japan because i think you can be very slowly do anything , and japan streets very clean and i like some ice cream in japan  and i like matcha. in japan have they have a lot of food, tea ice cream and sweet  food. i very like to eat sashimi, i think in china you can’t eat very good sashimi but in japan you eat it anywhere.

i want to take some Vlog for cooking, i tried to do that but i can’t send that in some app , i think i can do better i’m now the video is not good , i want to do the best and i will to send that.

when i’m in vacation everyday i cook i will make vlog, untill i came back my university i will make that, film editing, i think i need make food many times and take videos for 1 episode.

i have been studying in college for 2 years, and i like cooking and traveling. actually i didn’t like to study english, but in china we have to learn/study english, and i need to pass an english test/exam, also i need to use english while i’m traveling to other countries.

i have been to Thailand, Japan, Korea and Singapore, when i was traveling i had to use an app to translate to help me saying anything.

my favorite country is Japan, because they have a slow life style, clean streets. and i like their ice cream, matcha. in Japan they have a lot of types of food, tea, ice cream and deserts. i like to eat sashimi a lot. 

i think in china it’s hard to find a very good sashimi, but in Japan you can eat a very good sashimi everywhere.

i want to make vlogs for cooking, i tried to do that but i couldn’t upload these videos to some app / online, because it wasn’t good enough, and i want to do better videos, then i will upload the best one.

when i’m on vacation i’m cooking everyday so i can make a vlog. until i go to university to take classes in film editing, i think i have to cook a lot and record videos for 1 episode.