Online Class Notes (George)[S]


today it’s tired , we took a train from shanghai to ningbo at 2 pm and we started from the office 1 pm and we arrived at the station at 2 pm then arrived to ningbo 4 pm then we took another for over 1 hour , so it was dinner time when i arrived the hotel , and i just finished dinner so today most of my time was spent on the way .

tomorrow i have a busy schedule for meetings and factory visit, but it’s lucky i arrived today because the client invited a lot of people , because the Hong Kong airport cancelled due to protest, and it’s also effected public transportation including flights and metro.

it’s a chinese auto maker, maybe you have heard about Deely , Deely is the biggest share holder with 99% of Volvo.

it bought car share from Ford in 2010 , volvo was in big lost , but after the accusation geely helped Volvo to expand it’s product in chinese market and helped volvo the increase their market and profit segnifcally in the last 5 years. of course this was win win situation for geely and Volvo because geely was benifit from Volvo’s technology , they shared the technology from engine and advanced techniology and driver less tech.

today was tiring, we took a train from shanghai to ningbo at 2 pm, as we moved from the office at 1 pm to the railway station, then we arrived ningbo at 4 pm/ then we arrived at ningbo 4 pm. then we had to take over 1 hour by taxi to the hotel./ it took us over an hour by taxi to the hotel.

by the time i arrived the hotel it was already dinner time as i just finished my dinner. so most my time today was spent on the way to ningbo.

tomorrow’s schedule will be busy due to several meetings and a factory visit. but i was lucky that i have arrived today, because the client invited a lot of people and some of the bankers couldn’t make it on time due to the cancellation at the Hong kong airport, because of the protest situation which also effected public transportation such as flights and metro.

our client is a chinese auto maker called geely, if you heard about it, who is the biggest share holder in Volvo with 99%.

they bought this share from Ford 2010, as Volvo was having a big loss at that time acquisition, Geely helped Volvo increasing their profit and product sales by expanding in the chinese market in the last 5 years. it was mutual benefit for both parties as Geely was also had the benefit of Volvo’s technology, such as engine technology and driver less Tech and producing new energy saving cars.


improvise : (verb)

create and perform spontaneously without preparation.

spontaneously : (adverb)

as a result of a sudden impulse and premeditation