Online Class Notes (George)[S]


on the forecast there are 4 color grades for bad weather, such as typhoon.

i have seen in the new that there were 13 dead people and 16 lost people so far.

and in shanghai there is a huge delay and cancellation for all flights in both airports.

in some areas the trains are out of service/ on hold till further notice or the storm.

a lot of outdoor parks are closed today due to bad weather such disney land.

several years ago during summer typhoon, i had to go the hospital in such weather , there was strong winds along with rain storm.

i just started my new role in the bank 2 weeks ago, which is credit analyst. it’s challenging but productive.

i think when i started my career i liked to facing challenges, but currently i prefer more balanced quite roles, because i need to save more energy and effort for my family/ personal life.

i think in european companies working environment / atmosphere  would be more relaxing, i hope the work loud would not be as heavy as my previous job.

we have a relaxing,friendly and challenging atmosphere at work.

i have 2 kids, a 6 years old son and a 4 years old daughter. they are both cute , actually they paint next to me as they know that i am having an english class at the moment. my daughter is drawing a princess, my son is drawing elevated metro line 4, he like to draw all kind of transportation.

he likes basketball , leggo, studying dinosaurs and chess go.