Online Class Notes (George)


Did you have a good weekend?

yes,I have
yes. I had

the book name is professional dad,

is it about parenting or a story about someone?

about a dad, take care of young boy, parenting style
Taking care of a young boy

Is it a modern way of parenting or a just a special case based on the story?


Tell me 2 interesting things you liked about the story

one thing is dad resign the job ,he decided to take care of his boy  ,but from the beginning the late for the school every day,
the other thing is after the late school. dad bought three alarm clock set every ten minutes  to call on
then dad cheered up. do the report every week. how to accompany with his son.

The first thing is that the dad/father quit his job, he decided to take care of his boy, but from the beginning they were late for the school every day

The other thing is, after being late for school, the father/ dad bought three alarms to set every 10 minutes to wake him up

Then he cheered up. And made a weekly report/ notes of how he accompanied his son