Online Class Notes (David)


To exit market – To exit the Chinese market

In current condition – Under the current conditions/circumstances

The major of the people – the majority of the people


Commerce – COM’-merce

Economic – ecah-nah-mic

Alternative – al-TER-na-tive

survey – SUR-vey

integrated – IN-tegrated

inaugural – in-AW-gyur-all

algorithms – AL-gor-ih-thems


Radical – something extreme and unexpected

ex: Tom was not prepared for Mary’s radical change from shy teenager to outgoing college student.

Congress – the US Federal governing group

Council – a group of people who meet for a purpose, usually to give advice

circumstance – a fact or condition of a thing or event

ex: Seeing old friends at a funeral is not a great circumstance.

inaugural – the first time something happens

ex: It was the inaugural issue of the town’s new magazine.

algorithms – a set of detailed instructions or steps used to reach a decision or conclusion, usually used by computers

ex: Many complex algorithms are used by the NSA to decode spy messages.

microcosm – a small universe, a small example of a bigger idea or thing.

ex: The classroom is often a microcosm of the real world.