Online Class Notes (David)

Today we focused on:

Work on speaking clearly and pronouncing words correctly.


I need to do something for to finish the project.

I think I’m old ten years – I think I’ve aged ten years.

I have no time to school. – I have no time to have face-to-face class.

I have to online class – I have to take online class.

I think I work in this company, I will have no friend because I have… -> I think if I work in this company, I will have no friends because I have no time to hang out with friends.

Sometimes, I always go to have a drink. -> Sometimes, I go have a drink.


Event place – ee-vent  play-ss

project – prah-ject

months – mun-ths


mall – 商场

Spell – 拼字

manage – 管理

What kind of – 什么样的,什么内容的

joint event – an event hosted by two companies or people

powdered milk – 奶粉

pop-up store – a temporary store

how late do you have to be there? – what time can you leave?

Mid-Autumn Festival – 中秋节

September – 九月份

workload – 工作量

voice – 声音

overtime – 加班

just a little bit – 稍微一点点