Online Class Notes (David) [W]


Imagine you are Aladdin and you found a magic lamp with a Genie inside. What three things would you wish for and why?


Cleanliness is most important to me as roommates. If my roommates not quietness, I can go library to study or use earplug. When my roommates very noise I can go out of my room. As friendliness I know roommates just roommate not must become my friends. I’m luckily if my roommates very friendliness we can become friends. Except roommates I have others friends. So friendly not important things for me. Why cleanliness is important for me? Because if not clean home long time. The home not only dirty and will have many bugs.
Has a proverb in China: Sweep the world without a room to sweep. A good roommate in ideal he\she will can teach me something or hardness together. If he\she not very cleanliness I think he\she can’t take care himself\herself.
Watch clothes 2\3 times a week. Everyday take shower in summer. And take out the trash everyday. That for me is cleanliness.

Cleanliness is the most important to me for roommates. If my roommates are not quiet, I can go to the library to study, or use earplugs. When my roommates are very noisy, I can leave my room. In terms of friendliness, I know roommates are just roommates, they don’t have to become my friends. I’m lucky if my roommates are very friendly, then we can become friends. Other than roommates, I have other friends. So, friendliness is not an important thing for me. Why is cleanliness important for me? Because if you don’t clean the home for a long time, then the home will be dirty, and will have many bugs.

China has a proverb: If you don’t take care of your home, how will you take care of other things? [If you don’t sweep your room, how will you sweep the world?] A good roommate ideally can teach me something or we can study together. If he/she is not very clean, I think he/she can’t take care of himself/herself.


Cleanliness -> short “e” when saying “cleanliness”

proverb -> prah-verb


thorough -> you do something fully and don’t miss any details

in terms of -> a phrase basically meaning “now I will talk about this”


Being verbs – examples: am, is, are, was, were. Use these every time when describing someone or something.

ex: The piano is black; The computers are loud; My sister is beautiful; The concert was exciting.