Online Class Notes (David)


Write about your favorite place. Why is this place your favorite? What do you like about it?


I write homework and go to the park. I go to the river. I go fishing. I go home. -> I wrote homework and went to the park. I went to the river. I went fishing. I went home.

Past tense -> when you talk about things that happened in the past, use the past tense for your verbs

Write -> wrote

conjunction -> a word or phrase that connects two ideas together.

ex: and, then, because, or, but, however

adjectives: comparative and superlative

comparative: add “er” to the end of a short adjective to make it comparative. add “more” before a long adjective to make it comparative. We usually use the comparative adjective with the word “than” to compare two things

ex: small:smaller; long:longer; happy:happier; smelly:smellier

ex: curious: more curious; painful: more painful; comfortable: more comfortable

ex: My couch is more comfortable than my bed. My hair is longer than Sally’s hair. That dog is happier than your dog.

superlative: add “est” to the end of a short adjective to make it superlative. add “most” before a long adjective to make it superlative. Use superlative adjectives to compare something to everything else of that type.

ex: small:smaller:smallest; happy:happier:happiest

ex: curious: more curious: most curious; painful:more painful:most painful; comfortable:more comfortable:most comfortable.


How are you doing? -> 你怎么样

recently -> 最近

enemy -> 敌人, the bad guy

weapon -> 武器

sword -> 剑

compare -> 对比

curious -> 好奇

refrigerator -> 冰箱

syllable -> 音节

pain (noun); painful (adjective) -> 疼

comfortable -> 舒服

in general -> 一般性

less and less -> 越来越少

government -> 政府

oversee -> 管

increase (verb); increasingly (adverb) -> 增加

addicted -> 上瘾的

Youth -> young people

opting -> choosing