Online Class Notes (Zach)


Will be end

Will end

Will be ending


Metaphor – 隐喻

Procrastinate – 拖延

Next Class Focus

Books for Joey:

Harry Potter (a young boy goes to school to learn magic)

Percy Jackson (similar story, but instead of magic it’s about Greek mythos)

Chronicles of Narnia (like Lord of the Rings, but much simpler language)

Graphic novels may be a good choice, very fun to read for kids and usually with simple language. You can find them at Japenese novelty shops and some book stores. Naruto might be a good place to start, or Bleach (those are good for age 12ish, so maybe in a few years)

Have a look at those suggestions, and let me know if they are the kind of thing you’re looking for. I can come up with other suggestions if you have more to suggest ^_^