Online Class Notes (Zachary)


Unleash (v) – To release from a leash or restraint / to set free.

“I unleashed my dog so that it could go out and play”

“After my mistake at work, my boss unleashed his fury!”

Innovation (n) – A new method, idea, product, etc

“In recent years, China has become a leader in telecommunication innovation”

Expenditure (n) – The action of spending money / the ammount of money spent

“Our company’s monthly expenditures are too high”

Mega- (prefix / adj) – Very large / extreme (From megalo-, meaning 1 million)

“Shanghai has become a megacity”

“Megahertz = 1 Million Hertz”

Massive (adj) – Large and heavy

“The morning traffic in Shanghai is massive!”

Backflow (n) – A plumbing term, meaning: unwanted flow of water in the reverse direction

*In today’s article, this word is used metaphorically to represent the flow of cash back into China.

Academy (n) – An institution of higher learning

“The Chinese Academy of Engineering is a world-famous school”