Online Class Notes (Zachary)

Today we focused on:

The focus of this class: Introductions, making friends, discussing hobbies


usually (adv)
EG: “I usually exercise in the morning”

access (v)
“I allow my wife to access my bank account”

competitors (n)
“My work in Beijing can be very stressful because my field has many competitors”


The Europe
Eg: We went to Europe last summer

泰拳:Thai Boxing, or more commonly Muy Thai
“I like to practice Muy Thai when I go to the gym. I really like it because…”
“…it makes me stronger, and I enjoy the feeling of

健身: Weight Lifting



Didn’t / Haven’t
didn’t do = specific past time
haven’t done = general past time (in your life / already / recently etc)

make me to make new friends

allow me to make new friends, let’s me make new friends