Online Class Notes (Ally)[W]

Today we focused on:

Today we did some writing exercises on WeChat.

Remember to always use a variety of sentence structures when you’re writing in the future.


pick: 选择; 挑选; 采; 摘; (用手指) 摘掉,剔除,掐去;
ie. I picked (out) a piece of clothing in a shop.

pick up: 捡起来
ie. I picked up a piece of paper on the ground.


One thing in Japan. I thought it was embrace thing.
An embarrassing thing happened to me in Japan.

Someone picked my passport and gave the airport staff.
Someone picked up my passport and gave it to the airport staff.

This time we went to Kyoto. When we were been there that was autumn season. We went sightseeing in Kanarase Yama.
This time, we went to Kyoto. We went there during the autumn season/during Autumn. We went sightseeing in Kanarase Yama.

Nice country. I thought it is a nice place to live where the country got fresh environment and food safety.
Nice country. I think it is a nice place to live because of the fresh environment and food safety./because Japan is a country where environmental issues and food safety are taken very seriously.


Use words such as “piece” and “pair” to count different words
ie. a piece of paper, a pair of pants

Use “where” as a conjunction after a place
ie. I would like to live in a country where environmental and food safety issues are taken seriously.
ie. This is the park where we first met.