Online Class Notes (Ally)[S/R]


vengeful: 报复性
ie. Vengeful buying didn’t come as soon as we expected.

revolve: 环绕
ie. Every sentence revolves around the subject and the verb.

ie. We should assess the company’s financial performance before we purchase it.

ie. People were packed into airplane seats like sardines.

amid: in the middle of
ie. Amid the bad virus situation, lots of people were hoarding food.

recoup: make up for 补上
ie. We must do better this month to recoup for our losses in the first quarter.

affair:公共事务; 政治事务; 事件; 事情;
ie. Don’t talk to her about this problem; her affairs are too messy right now.
ie. I’m going to get my affairs in order before I step down as CEO.


Not as good as we thought.
Not as good as you would think/expect.
It’s different than what we expected.
Contrary to our beliefs/expectations…

find =  Zhao Dao le
look for = xunzhao
find out= fa Xian
ie. Lily was looking for her cellphone. She’s never going to find it because I hid it. She’s going to be so mad when she finds out.


Before airlines take to the skies again, assess their role in climate change

As health measures such as air travel restrictions are being relaxed in countries amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, I wonder what airlines will do to recoup losses when people, in the millions, begin to travel again. Would they pack passengers to the maximum, like sardines, as they used to do in the pre-pandemic days?

Seating passengers at a certain distance would be a good idea, but it would require re-configuring seats which will reduce airlines’ revenue. Testing passengers’ temperature before they board the flights and at arrival terminals, too, would be positive first steps, though they would somewhat inconvenience passengers.