Online Class Notes (Ally)[S]


standardized: with a same standard
ie. Standardized testing is good for students.

comfort: an wei

admire: 崇拜 崇敬 >
ie. You’re my idol. I admire your hard work.

decisive: (adj) 行动力 ability to make a decision quickly
ie. I admire your decisiveness.

formality: 形式主义
ie. The meeting is just a formality.

diagnosis: zhen duan
ie. The doctors made a wrong diagnosis.


did you set him right?

on high horse
ie. Get off your high horse.

ie. Out of all of your excuses, this is the lamest.
ie. I got 90 out of 100.

ie. Out of the goodness of my heart, I will help you this time.
ie. Out of respect for your Dad, I will listen to you.

Speaking exercise

The job has done. (V – to do)
The job has been done. (V – to be)

I’m a little free these two days.
I’m not very busy these two days.

In the past time, I feel his emotion is very low.
Maybe several weeks ago, I felt his emotion was very low./he was very down.

I don’t know how is he go on with her.
I don’t know how’s his relationship with her./how they’re doing.

I think he has put more his power on his work.
I think he has put more of his energy/focus on his work.

Have you checked several hospitals to check this hurt.
Have you checked with doctors in more than 2 hospitals? So we can make sure we get the right diagnosis.

I’m in your nearby.
I’m nearby.
I’m close to you.
I’m in your neighborhood.

He always told me some troubles.
He always tells me troubles/troubling things.

So I don’t want to he pop up to me.
So I don’t want to see his pop-up info.
So I don’t want to see him pop up.

Several years ago, we have discussed this topic.
Several years ago, we discussed this topic.

Lala belong to whom.
Who does Lala belong to?

What I learned from this relationship that is I want to …
What I learned from this relationship is that I want a mutual, equal relationship.