Online Class Notes (Ally)[S]


pacify: to calm somebody down
ie. The baby needs a pacifier.
ie. I wanted to pacify my parents.

certificate: (noun) zhengshu (v) certify
ie. She is a certified dentist.

xx-front: xx-aspect
ie. How are you on the boyfriend front?

canoe: (ka-noo) small boat, wooden
ie. My parents and I went canoeing.

set sb up: make a date for sb
ie. My parents set us up.

lust: yu wang
ie. I feel no lust for the guy.

discrepancy: cha yi
ie. There’s a big discrepancy between how these two guys express themselves.

interpreter: 翻译官 (v)interpret 解读
ie. How do you interpret his text message?


put the ball in his court = let him take the next move

x of y
– x is the “how much”, y is the “range”
ie. Do you know everyone at this party? No, I only know a few of them.
ie. Few people know the hotel.

most of / most
ie. Most of my friends know that I broke up. (specific range)
ie. Most dogs are straight. (general, like an adj)

Speaking exercise

He needs to make all the things peaceful.
He needs to smooth out everything.

It’s far away from the wifi source.

few of people know the hotel
few people know the hotel

I broke up with him two weeks ago, and I told my mother, and my mother repeat it to my dad.
I told them two weeks after I broke up, and I told my mother first, and my mother repeated it to my dad.

the usually pw for me
my usual pw

if one day you’re in dangerous …
if one day you’re in danger / in a dangerous situation

you have been together for a long time
you have been dating for a long time
you have been with him for a long time

I felt very calm down and secure …
I felt very calm and secure …

I need to pay more time to take care of Lala…

keep my emotions in check
suppress my emotions and be a working robot

I can read lips