Online Class Notes (Ally)[S]


major: (v) zhuanye
ie. What is your major in college? What did you major (v) in?

psychology: xin li xue
ie. Ally majored in psychology but/whereas/while I majored in German.

abnormal: bu zheng chang (n) abnormality
ie. I can’t find the abnormality(n) in the data.
ie. I can’t find the abnormal (adj) data.

therapy: (n) fu dao (person) therapist
ie. If you are unhappy, you should go to therapy(n).
ie. If you are unhappy, you should go see a therapist (person).

shame: ke xi (n)
ie. It’s a shame that Hermia lacks confidence.
ie. Shame on you for stealing from the little kid.
ie. You should feel ashamed(adj) of yourself.

yell: han

insult: wu ru
ie. My previous boss yelled at me and insulted me.

ie. But it is a ploy (that he used) to make me stay at this company.

hostile: bu you hao de (n) hostility
ie. I can feel my boss’s hostility toward me.

target: mu biao
ie. You have reached your target weight so you should stop dieting(jie shi).

take-out: wai mai
ie. Ally has had/eaten too much take-out so she became fat.


means(verb) well (adv)

“out of the blue” wu li you de, suddenly

“in the first place” yuan xian

Speaking exercise

What do you usually learn in class? What kind of classes do you take for psychology?

I couldn’t eat food for the past 6 months because I feel more pressure.
I couldn’t eat for the past 6 months because I feel a lot of pressure./I feel too much pressure.

The price/cost is my psychology is abnormal.
The cost is that my mental health is abnormal./The cost is my mental health.

Wait for a moment.
Wait a moment.
Wait for me.