Online Class Notes (Ally)[S]


appendicitis: lan wei yan (n: appendix  itis: inflammation)

inflammation: (n) fa yan
ie. I have an inflammation in my ears./My ears are inflamed.

minimally invasive: (adj) wei chuang
ie. Though it’s a minimally invasive operation, she felt a lot pain afterwards (after it).

hospitalize: zhu yuan (only for passive voice)

wound: shang kou (n)

pain killers: zhi teng yao

cured: (v and adj)quan yu (n) cure : jie yao, zhi liao ban fa
ie. I was cured by the doctors at the hospital.
ie. The scientists are looking for the cure(n) of the virus.

coverage: (n) bao xian e
ie. The insurance company covered(v) the entire cost.

dentist: ya yi

throw a tantrum: fa pi qi (mostly for children)

immature: you zhi <> mature
ie. Stop being immature like a baby.

Speaking exercise

After operation, she has a lot hurt.
After the operation, she felt a lot of pain(n)./it hurts(v) a lot./it was very painful(adj) for her./has a lot of pain(n) on her wound.

She lived in the hospital for 4 days.
She stayed in the hospital for 4 days.
She was hospitalized for 4 days.

Children’s recovery skill is good.
Children recover(v) very fast.

She cannot control herself.
She lost control. She threw a tantrum.

The most different(adj) of the private hospital is the cost.
The biggest difference (noun) between the hospitals is the cost.

You must line up(v) for a long time.
The line up(n) is too long.
Line up in a straight line.


stomach ache – sto-muk AAAAche

tummy ache