Online Class Notes (Ally)[S]


replica: 复制品 仿制品
ie. This painting is an exact replica of the original Van Gogh.

exhibition : 展览

exhibit(v): 展览
ie. Lots of exhibitions are set up in this location.

concept: 概念
ie. The concept behind our brand is to use art in everyday life.
ie. The artist was very conceptual in using this color.

creative(adj)creativity(n): 创造力
ie. I think creativity is the most important ability.
ie. I think being creative …

exist: 存在
ie. Kris Wu doesn’t have to do anything; he just needs to exist.

demo(demonstration): example
ie. The girl sang the demo track for Kris Wu.

touched:  感动
ie. Ally is very touched that Zoe did her homework even though she must be super busy in Beijing.

pleasantly: kai xin de (or nice/polite)
ie. Ally is pleasantly surprised that…
ie. The weather is very pleasant in Beijing.
ie. She is a pleasant girl so my parents like her.

package: 包裹
ie. I sent a package to you.

intertwined:   (使) 缠结,缠绕在一起; 紧密相连
ie. I think art and music are always intertwined.
ie. I think the virus made the whole world intertwined. <— mostly for two things

religion: 宗教
ie. Religion has always influenced art.

reach out: 伸向a bigger number of people。。。or ask for help
ie. I reach out to my parents when I’m poor.
ie. The government hoped to reach out to the entire nation (whole country).


have = yong you
ie. I have a computer… an ipad…

– connect with you , not “connect you”

– use when you don’t want a verb “becomes a noun”
– verb tense (Remember the word to be)


It is an art location. There are a lot of galleries and art centers. It is the biggest art garden.

My artist hand-painting on the bag.
Our artist hand-paints on the bag.

The hand-painting on the bag is done by our artist.


It’s not a good idea that follow the weather forecast, it’s always not correct.
It’s not a good idea to follow the weather forecast which is always incorrect./is not always correct.

A park across from my office.
The park is across from my office.

I fell off bicycle when I hit a tree.
I fell off my/the bicycle when I hit a tree.

The writer passed down his spirit and thoughts to people.

If we go to the boat that we need to wear the life jacket.
If we go to the boat, (then) we need to wear the life jacket.

The exhibition is a cooperation of/between our two companies.

It’s our recently work now. We have the work in Beijing.

The weather has interesting because it both have the raining and sunny.
The weather is interesting because it is both raining and sunny at the same time.

I think music and art are connected/intertwined.

Religion always uses music and painting to influence most people, because art is beautiful and it can influence lots of people.

If Chinese people see a picture can …
I don’t think most Chinese people can recognize the painting…


painting : the “A” sound