Online Class Notes (Ally)[S]


Invented (adj): made-up
ie. 520 is an invented holiday

Beat the clock: qiang xian (be very fast)
ie. If you want to buy things on 11.11., you have to beat the clock.

Backlash:(对社会变动等的) 强烈抵制,集体反对
ie. There’s a big backlash from consumers against the internet marketing.

Scheme: plan with a bad meaning
ie. I don’t like her because she’s a scheming person.

With an agenda: a little bit of a negative meaning
ie. She doesn’t really love him. She has her own agenda marrying him.

Cast doubts on sth…: question
ie. He was casting his doubts on the project.

Having said that:  on the other hand
ie. Having said that, it’s very lucky you can fly back at all.

Wish-list: things you want people to give you
ie. Send me your wish-list so I know what to get you for Christmas.

chaos/chaotic: 混乱
ie. The airport was full of chaos/The airport was chaotic.

Speaking exercise

TB used this day to make up a big promotion on TB, which makes the holiday national-wide