Online Class Notes (Ally)[S]


wise: smart

political: having to do with politics

admit: cheng ren


rebellious: pan ni

road rage: lu nu zheng


The service industry in SH is better than before, but it still cannot compare to that of Japan. 


I study and work in SH. Some of my friends go abroad for college. There are no opportunities for me to use English, just Chinese, because all my co-workers are Chinese. Nowadays, I’m a mommy. I don’t want my son to have my English-learning experience as a Chinese. Most of the Chinese students spend more than ten years to learn English.

During my years of learning English, all my teachers are very focused on grammar. The teachers always focus on the students to write sentences formulaically. Finally, we find that we only know how to write on paper. In the end, we are scared/shy/nervous to use real English in our lives. That’s why most of the Chinese students can get/achieve good test results but they can’t use English fluently.

I think Shanghainese are much more polite than Northern Chinese people, which is just my personal opinion. I like SH food so much; a little bit sweet but much smoother than food from other areas. You can eat different foods in SH. Living in SH is more convenient than living in other cities, that’s why a lot of foreigners work in SH. There are more opportunities. 10 years ago, SH is completely different than how it looks today/SH is not the same as it looks today. The traffic is too crowded, and people cannot live in good areas. The cities are much more crowded 20 years ago. But nowadays, it’s different. Last year, I traveled to HK, but I don’t think I like HK very much. I think living in SH is much more comfortable. The environment and the air is more fresh and HK is little bit too crowded. The true thing is, the pace in SH is fast. I’ve been to some big cities in Japan, such as Tokyo or Osaka. Some of my friends told me that the pace in Japan is very fast, but when I went to Tokyo, I felt that it was very normal. I think SH people will be very good fits for the Japanese lifestyle./it is easy for SH people to adapt to the Japanese lifestyle.