Online Class Notes (Ally)


refusal: noun of refuse

make up: (verb) 编造
ie. I made up a lame excuse.

hold out:坚持



lenient: 宽松

interfere:插手,干涉; 干预; 介入

religion: 宗教

narcissistic: 自我陶醉的; 自我欣赏的 (person) narcissist

ie. Love conquers all.

persistent: 执著的; 不屈不挠的; 坚持不懈的; 连绵的; 持续的; 反复出现的

glowing: 发光

shining: 闪光

ie. He’s incapable of making a decision for himself.

put the word out: 散布出去
ie. Should I put the word out that you’re single and looking?

allowance: 零花钱


probability: 可能性 possibility  probable(adj): 有可能的

initial: adj 原始的 初始的  adv.
ie. We’re still in the initial stages of negotiations.
ie. Initially, we wanted to finish on Friday, but …
ie. Initially, I thought I would only stay with him for a year, but actually, we were together for 7.

Speaking exercise

…find the meaning of life from religion
…find the meaning of life through religion

just like a family member
just like family

at the initial, I liked him…
at the beginning, I liked him…
initially, I liked him…

It seems very impossible.
It seems very improbable.

He is not afraid either.


naive: nai-ee-v