Online Class Notes (Ally)


static: 电流/静电

hut: small fang zi

ie. This work is 2 days overdue.

due date: deadline
ie. The due date for this project is nov. 11.

approximately: app. = about = estimate = around (n) approximation = estimate
ie. The commercial is approximately 4 minutes long.
ie. Can you give me an approximation/estimate?

give in: (v) compromise/ rang bu
ie. You can’t give in to his demands.

terminology: yong ci / cuo ci
ie. Notice the terminology.

drag something out :  prolong something, tuo zhe

literally: actually
ie. I literally taught him step-by-step.

utilities: shui dian wuye
ie. I spend 300 yuan on utilities this month.

ride it out:  wait for something to die down/ lie low = di diao

coward: dan xiao gui

emotional rollarcoaster: long emotional ride

well-being: happiness/ health / …hao bu hao
ie. I care about his well-being

hesitate: you yu
ie. He hesitated when I asked him to be together.
ie. He is hesitant to be together with me.

occur: 发生; 出现
ie. A problem occured and we had to postpone the deadline.
ie. This is your reoccuring problem.


business = guan xi
ie. I thought 1111 was not my business, but it was actually my business.

You have a tendency to/ You tend to = you often/you have a habit to …

Speaking exercise

So I was overtime for 2 days about 4 am in the morning I worked until …
So I worked(v) overtime for 2 days until about 4 am in the morning …

So you lose your confident in your ex?
So you lost your confidence in your ex? > past tense “to lose”
So you are not confident in your ex anymore? > present tense “to be”

You chose the one who loves you more than you love him.

In this period/process, if he really wants to give up or he just wants to give up a bit/hesitate, I think it’s very hurtful to both of you.

I didn’t know he will say this way.
I didn’t know he would say it this way. 

We are officially broke up.
We officially broke up.
We are officially broken up.