Online Class Notes (Ally)

Today we focused on:

Finished reviewing notes from May 16th 2019


wrestling: 摔跤 sport
ie. I like watching wrestling matches.

wrestle with: struggle with
ie. I wrestled with the idea of quitting my job.

concept: 概念
ie. A lot of the vocabulary we learned today are conceptual.

unwind: relax, lay back
ie. It’s nice to unwind after work with a couple of drinks.

burn out: exhaust, no more energy left
ie. Keep working like this and you’ll burn out before you’re 30.

of all times: in the world
ie. Leonard DiCaprio is my favorite actor of all times.

carpet: 地毯
ie. Let’s roll out the carpet for Leo!

harass: 骚扰
ie. He was punished for sexual harassment.
ie. The guy on the bus was harassing me.

embezzle: 贪污 挪用公款 embezzlement
ie. He was put in prison for embezzlement.

ensue: begin after sth…. happens
ie. If the coronavirus keeps spreading out of hand, economic recession will ensue.
ie. If the economic recession continues, an increased unemployment rate will ensue.


– being specific “the most …”
– something you know and I know
ie. I saw a beautiful Chanel bag yesterday. The bag costs 30,000 yuan.