Online Class Notes (Ally)


mumbling: 嘟哝; 口齿不清地
ie. Stop your mumbling; I can’t hear you clearly.

labor: 劳动力
ie. Big enterprises are always looking for cheap labor.

construction: 建筑
ie. The metro is under construction.

decorations: 装饰
ie. I want to put up a lot of fancy Christmas decorations.

interior decorators: 室内装潢师
ie. I’m looking for experienced interior decorators for my apartment.

furnishings: 家具陈设
ie. The apartment has nice furnishings.

sculpture: 雕像
ie. I see many sculptures in Rome.

lively: 活泼

bold: 大胆自信的; 敢于表白情感的; 敢于冒险的
ie. The artist’s style is very bold.

understated: 淡雅的; 素雅的; 柔和的; 不过分的
ie. The room has a understated, modern style.

bland:无味的;平淡的; 乏味的; 清淡的; 无滋味的; (neg)
ie. Don’t try the fish; it’s bland.

low-key/low profile:低调
ie. He refused the award because he prefers to keep a low profile.

high-profile (adj): 高调 受关注的
ie. She is very excited because her boss put her on a high-profile case.

ie. This is the profile on our new client.

graduation certificate: 毕业证
ie. I received a graduation certificate from ASU.

grade curve:曲线
ie. All the students at my school are placed under a grade curve.

initiative: (n) 倡议 积极性
ie. As a new graduate student, he shows a lot of initiative and promise.

philosophical: 哲学性
ie. This is a very philosophical question that requires a lot of thought.

practical: 实用
ie. Comparative Literature is not a practical major.

impulsive:  冲动


bland blind (blinded)