Online Class Notes (Alex) (S-W)


Do some writing and focus on the grammar you learned in class today.

what are the factors that make you want to start this new job as vice-president of a gaming company?


Singapore is a very small country but it is playing a very important role worldwide. It has a very strong and very strongly competitive economy. Singapore is one of the famous financial centers in the world. One of the top 4 financial centers in the world. The other 3 are London, New York and Hong Kong. So there are only two financial centers in Asia. Considering the chaotic situation of Hong Kong now, Singapore will get benefits from that. I think more and more of the investors and money would like to move to Singapore from Hong Kong to seek a stable and safe economic environment. That will make Singapore more important in the world financial market. Secondly Singapore is also one of the biggest ports. And Hong Kong is also an important port. They are competitors. Also due to what happened and what is still happening in Hong Kong, more shipping business will move to Singapore, which will make the economy grow faster than before.


synonyms of very: pretty, quite, significantly, extremely, immensely, hugely, greatly, incredibly, truly, particularly, especially, considerably

gradation from weak (1) to very strong (4)

1. pretty
2. quite, particularly, significantly, truly, especially
3. considerably, greatly
4. extremely, incredibly, immensely, hugely


I changed a new job – I started / I got into a new job

you can say: I changed my job

what’s the difference between soon and lately? “Soon” is the near future, “lately” (or “recently”) is the near past.

I started a new job lately.
I will start a new job soon.