Online Class Notes (Alex) (S)


Do some writing and focus on the grammar you learned in class today.

What are the prospects and future challenges of the e-sport industry?


Firstly I think the new job offers me a higher position in the company. That would be a good opportunity to increase my ability to run a business in a company. Second, I think the salary is also pretty good, which is very important for me because I have to raise my family and my kids. Last but not least I think the jobs gives an opportunity to start a new career. CFO is a very important role in a company. There are more companies listed in the stock market in China than before so all of them need a great CFO to help them run their business. So if I take this job I think I can be more valuable / popular (marketable) in the future. Even if I quit this new job in the future, I can easily find another job.


regulate = to develop a set of rules in order to make a situation more stable  / make something run smoothly
e.g. some economists say that the market regulates itself
e.g. we need to regulate car traffic, car traffic needs regulation (a set of rules to work smoothly)
e.g. the government is responsible for regulating many things

marketable = succesful in the market
e.g. I would be more marketable if I acquire more skills

jogging = running
e.g. I go jogging twice a week