VIP Class Notes (Joe)


You need to practice using comparatives. The general rule is that shorter adjective like ‘cold’ are changed to become ‘colder’. Longer adjectives like ‘beautiful’ are not changed but the word ‘more’ is added to make ‘more beautiful’.

Try to think of 10 long adjectives and 10 short adjectives and make sentences with all of them to compare different things. E.g. The girl is fatter than her boyfriend.


Headlines – the top lines (or most important lines) of a news story
I read the headlines on my mobile phone

Sweep it under the rug – keep something secret / hide something
They didn’t want anyone to know what their son had done, so they tried to sweep it under the rug.

Outraged voices – the very angry comments of many people
There were many outraged voices on social media

Censorship – noun – choosing what people may see / hear
Social media is controlled by censorship

Censor – verb – to choose what people may see / hear
The government decided to censor the story

Equator – the line through the middle of the earth
Countries closer to the equator are warmer

Represent – usually used when something, a picture or a color has another meaning
The stars on the American flag represent the 50 states of America


The different colors stand for different temperature
The different colors represent different temperatures

More near this line is much hot
Nearer to the equator the temperature is much hotter

Far to this line it will be much more cold
Farther from this line it is much colder

Blue stand for cold
Blue stands for cold
Blue is a cold color

It’s a lonely island around by ocean
It’s a lonely island surrounded by ocean

Can you share with me something about this place?
Can you share something about this place with me?

Is there any place you recommended to foreigner?
Is there any place you would recommend to foreigner?
Could you please recommend any place / some places to a foreigner?

It’s a 14 years young boy
He’s a 14-year-old young boy