VIP Class Notes (Joe)


I am owner for my company
I run my own company
I own a company

Every day need to resolve kinds of problems
Every day I need to resolve different kinds of problems

We can’t make sure the result
we can’t ensure the result

I have a problem about my business
I have a problem with my business

This problem from a foreign platform
It’s a problem with a foreign platform

They ask some questions about our business
They asked some questions about our business

We explain it and give them some information
We explained it and gave them some information

They don’t understand
They didn’t understand


Willing – adj – ready and prepared to do something
(This word can be positive or neutral)
Tony didn’t really want to go shopping, but we was willing to go with his wife.
Tina was willing to help her colleagues every day because she is so nice.

Willingness – noun
This advertisement will impact people’s willingness to come to our shop.