VIP Class Notes (Joe)


Use some of the vocabulary from today in some writing. Write something like a story and try to use the words.

Practice using the words ‘executive’, ‘manager’ and ‘supervisor’. In English the word ‘leader’ is only used in a few situations. Think of different leaders you know and decide which specific job title describes them well.


Field (fee yild)

Felt (short e sound)

Painting (same sound as in pay)

Panting (same sound as in apple)

Realize – ree yi laiz


Realize – to become aware of something or to see something clearly
I thought she was rude at first, but after I talked to her I realized she is nice
I thought I was early for work, but when I looked at the time I realized I was late

The other – one specific other thing
I have two children. The one is 3 and the other one is 4

Another – one non-specific thing
I have one house but I want to buy another one (I don’t know what house to buy).

Elder – usually used as an adj in modern English
She is the elder daughter

Older – a comparative adjective to compare different things
Tina is older than Tony


It’s about how to management the art
It’s about how to manage art

I have been doing this job since 14 years
I have been doing this job for 14 years
I have been doing this job since 2005

The reason why I want to join this class is more about I have some question which I can’t answer by myself in my life
The reason why I want to join this class is because I have some questions / I want some answers

I can’t make the balance between art and the market
I can’t find the balance between art and the market

We will choose to make 2 brand
We built 2 brands

One is art brand which is artists really wanna do
One is an artistic brand which focuses on what artists really wanna do

That money can support another brand
That money can support the other brand
(this is because you already have the other specific brand that you are talking about)

He is focus on his work
He focuses on his work

She is a teacher who teaches Chinese drawing, painting
She teaches Chinese drawing and painting
She is a teacher who specializes in Chinese drawing and painting

I felt she is a soft person
I felt she is an easy-going person

After talked I think she is strong inside
After we talked I realized she is strong inside

Jenny is elder than us
Jenny is older than us

I didn’t ask exactly what’s her job
I didn’t ask exactly what her job is

Her job is about create movies
Her job is to create movies
Her job is about creating movies
She is in the movie business

I think she is a high level leader
I think she is an executive