VIP Class Notes (Joe)


Use some of the vocabulary from today in some writing. Write something like a story and try to use the words.

There are many different ways to cook an egg. In our next class we can talk about the ways that eggs are cooked, so try to find some vocabulary related to this topic in preparation.


Choose / chose / chosen – the 3 verb forms of choose
I will choose it / I chose it yesterday /  I have chosen it

Extrovert – someone who likes to be with others and talk
My friend sally is an extrovert. She’s never alone

Introvert – someone who prefers to be alone and doesn’t always talk
Tony is an introvert. He just wants to read a book in a quiet place

Magnifying glass – A device used to make something bigger
Sherlock Holmes used a magnifying glass to find the clues

Pixelated – When an image has been magnified too much
Her camera wasn’t very good, so the photo was pixelated when we enlarged it

Watch / look at / see
Watch – we can only watch something that moves or has the ability to move
He was watching TV while I was watching the children
Look at – We can look at something if we want to notice the details
She looked at the beautiful painting for hours
See – We see something quickly and we don’t need to think about it
Did you see the bus stop?

Faded – adj or verb in past tense
The colors of the painting were faded because it was so old

Fade – Verb
If you leave your painting in the sun the colors will fade

Torn – adj or verb in past tense
She threw away the torn paper

Tear – v
I always tear up the paper if I don’t like my drawing

Crime scene – the place where a crime happened
The detective used a magnifying glass to find the clues at the crime scene

Exaggeration – this is when we say something in a way that seems much more serious than the truth. We do this to make our strong feelings clear or to be funny.
Examples of exaggeration:
This phone cost me as much as a house
It’s the worst phone in the world
I’ve been waiting for you a thousand years


Bike / back – make sure you say the vowel sounds clearly for these words
Bike sound like the name Mike
Back has the /a/ sound from ‘apple’.

Tears – this word has the same vowel as ‘wears’
tires – this word as the same sound as ‘wires’


I drived
I was driving
I drove

I used to it
I’m used to it

When I was 16, I wouldn’t choose ride the bicycle
When I was 16, I wouldn’t have chosen to ride a bicycle
When I was 16, I didn’t choose to ride a bicycle
When I was 16, riding a bicycle wasn’t my first choice

It took long time if I choose it
It would have taken a long time if I had chosen it
I would have been happy if she had given me a gift

Questions you asked:

How long have you worked here? (good)

Which company did you work for? (good)

Where did you work before? (good)