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Class focus: needs to remember all of the vocabulary she learned previously so have simple conversation (direct question & answer style), read simple articles, and maybe use English For Everyone – beginner, if she’s interested. Give simple writing HW to use vocabulary from class to help her review what she’s learning. 

Occupation: Self employed – cosmetics company

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  • VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

    December 6, 2019


    I see = I understand
    I know = yi jing zhi dao

    this is big < > this is not big
    that is big < > that is not big

    I am happy < > I am not happy / I’m not happy
    He is happy < > He is not happy / He isn’t happy

    How are you? / How’s it going? / How’re you doing?
    5 – very good / great
    4 – pretty good / good
    3 – good / not bad
    2 – fine / just OK
    1 – not very good / not great
    How about you? / What about you? 

    I am great because I am in a good mood
    I am great now / today because I am in a very / really good mood.

    I am great today
    I was great yesterday
    I will be great tomorrow

    very / really – hen

    mood – xing qing

    in – inside
    at – point
    to – from / to (cong / dao)

    this is very big
    this is really big

    I like to make money because it puts me in a great mood

    I would like = I want
    Would you like some coffee or tea?
    What would you like to drink / eat?

    black coffee = americano

    black tea = hong cha

    customs – yi mi ju – “kus stmz”
    eg. I will go through customs now

    sprite – sp raiii t
    coke – ke le
    coke zero – wu tang
    diet coke
    sparkling water – qi pai shui

    steak – niu pai – “stayk”

    9 – well done
    7 – medium well done
    5 – medium
    3 – medium rare
    1 – rare

    How would you like your steak? – medium
    How would you like your coffee? – white with two / black / 2 milks and 2 sugars

    what – shenme
    What time is it? It is 5PM / 12PM
    What do you want to eat? I want to eat a sandwich
    What are you doing? I am studying
    What can I get you? I would like a coffee / I’d like a latte
    why – wei shenme
    Why do you want a coke? Because I’m thirsty
    Why do you want a sandwich? Because I’m hungry
    Why are you here? Because I’m studying
    who – shui
    where – zai nali
    how – zenme
    when – shenme shihou
    how long – duo jiu
    how much – duo shao
    how many – ji ge / duo shao
    how are – zenme yang

    how will you travel? – I will travel by car / I will drive / I will travel by public transport


    latte – lar tay 

    americano – a mer rick kar no

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  • VIP Class Notes (Lily) [R]

    November 7, 2019


    short vowels: a e i o u
    hat bat nat cat back pat rat
    het bet net ket beck pet red
    hit bit nit kit bick pit rid


    I can                      we can
    you can                 they can
    he/she/it can

    I can + 原态动词
    ex: I can help you
    ex: I can eat吃 with you 和你
    ex: I can sing/ I can eat spicy food/ I can come at 3 我可以3 点来


    the cat sits in the bag
    The mat is on the jet
    my backpack is denim
    the cat hits my KitKat

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  • Demo Class Notes (Faye Z – Jesse)

    November 5, 2019


    I drink coffee because it is good

    hat – mao zi

    wear – chuan / dai

    cut – qie

    cat – apple
    cut – up

    knife – “nieeef” / dao

    sharp – feng li

    bit – bit
    – biieeet

    kit – i
    kite – eyyeeee

    bite – yao

    teeth (2+)/ tooth (1) – ya



    I do / don’t 
    you do
    we do
    they do

    she does / doesn’t 
    he does
    it does
    Jesse does

    Kate – kaaaeeet


    horse – hors – ma
    house – haaooosss – fang zi

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