F2F Class Notes (Vicki)


Write about a typical day at work for you


one day I got to know my in person 

I was making some videos on Weibo


the most popular design in Converse


796 – seven hundred and ninety-six

most cheap than other sneakers -> cheaper than other sneakers

maybe just 5 years, we built the company -> we just built the company 5 years ago

if you give our a pair of shoes -> if you give us a pair of shoes

we will explain the shoes by our content -> we will promote the shoes through our vision 

we only made perfect pictures and videos -> we only make perfect pictures and videos

we can make pictures and videos to amplify your products 

we can make pictures that are more suitable for your products

we can deliver the product within 10 hours

most fast = fastest


beige – rice white

innovation – chuang xin

promotion – marketing or advertising

demographic – a group of people
i.e. Our target demographic is young girls of the age 18.
i.e. Our company’s user demographic is 75% male and 25% female.

structure – jie gou

office politics – ban gong shi zheng zhi

flat hierarchy – more equal

hierarchy – power structure

launch event – fa bu hui