F2F Class Notes (Tibo)[S]

Today we focused on:

Refining expression


It will left your eyes too bad

this point is not good than iPhone.

So fast for us to watch movies and play games. Maybe wait for 2 years because this phone brought in this year.
I like to keep it because many privacy information in the phone so I can use the phone to do any other things.

Before many years ago iPhone is very public, when the new phone is released so many people waited at the iPhone shop.
Wait for the phone.

It will damage your eyes / it will strain your eyes.

this point is not as good as the iPhone. / worse than on the iPhone.

5G lets us/ enables us watch movies and play games very fast. Maybe I will wait for 2 years because I bought this phone (in) this year. / I just changed my phone this year.
I like to keep my old phones because there is much private information in/on the phone so I can use the phone to do any other things. / I can give it a new purpose.

Many years ago iPhone was very popular, when the new phone was released so many people waited (in line) at the iPhone shop.


to refine : to improve
We have to refine our cooking recipe to make the best cake.

recipe (n) : a method to do something.
I found a cooking recipe for a chocolate cake.

privacy (n)
Privacy is important for me.

I have a lot of private data on my phone.

cloud: 云
I put my pictures in the cloud.

to strain : to put a lot of pressure which could create damage / put pressure because of overuse
If you strain your eyes too much you could damage them.

purpose(n) : goal / what one needs to achieve
The main purpose of a table is to watch movies.

to release : to let out/ to make public
Huawei released the Mate 30 in 2019.

to be released : to come out
The mate 3o was released in 2019.
Tom was released from prison after 20 years (for stealing a Ferrari)

public / private : everyone can see it / only I can see it
My pictures are private , I don’t let others see it.
My WeChat profile picture is public, everyone can see it.

tier : level
Shanghai is a first tier city.

instant noodles: 方便面
Tom likes to be broke because he can eat instant noodles

instant : happening very very very fast.
Tom’s Ferrari was hit by lightning and instantly exploded.

Needs more review

To damage : to make something worse
Using smartphones too much damages our eyes.

battery 电池🔋
The battery in Huawei phones is great

tablet : like iPad
I bought a big tablet

worse / worst 更坏 / 最坏
Mcdonalds is worse than Burger King.
Whitecastle is the worst.

to be broke: to have no money
When you are broke you eat instant noodles.

popular: which many people like
Tom was never popular with girls so he bought a Ferrari but it didn’t help (because it got him broke)


as + adj + as : to compare on the same level
Tom is 170, John is 170 = Tom is as tall as John.

Tom is 160 , John is 170= Tom is not as tall as John = Tom is shorter than John


strain (S+train)