F2F Class Notes (Samara)


Please write about the people in the football industry that are admired and why.


Basketball hoop:


…more popular than…:



8. Life In The Valley

Life in the Valley of the Sun proved to be no better for the disgruntled star. At this point, Marbury’s true self shined through to all who watched him play, and what they saw was downright ugly. He was selfish with the ball and had a “me-first” mentality, neither of which are conducive to winning in a team sport like basketball.
Although he performed at a high level in Phoenix and made his second All-Star team, he was not the answer the Suns needed. He and young center Amare Stoudemire led the Suns into the playoffs, but could never advance past the first round. Finally, things boiled over in Phoenix to unsustainable temperatures.