F2F Class Notes (Samara)[S]


Writing about your cruise ship experience and where you went, what did you do when you got off of the boat.

Next Class Focus

Correct the speaking and review vocabulary!


I think it cost a lot of money if you take a cruise for a couple of days. This morning I saw a article about an old woman after her husband died she live on a cruise ship.

Actually I don’t like to live in the city, it is easy to live on the country side. you don’t think about how to make money, how to make your boss happy. and you don’t need to reply e-mails, you don’t need to answer phones. Maybe you just need to care about your pig, your hands your dogs and your vegetables, your plants. You have many many times to think. Of course I always go back to see my parents, so I can enjoy the countrysides life. but I haven’t seen them for a long time, maybe one year. Of course they came to Shanghai to see me. On the Chinese spring festival. It takes 5 hours by driving a car. But they can’t drive a car so they need to take a bus, it means they have to spend more time.


News article: 新闻文章
ex: I read an article.
Commercial: 电视广告
ex: There was a commercial for a new bath soap during my favorite t.v. show today.
Article: 文章,
ex: My professor showed us an article from the 1800s about the dangers of eating too much ice.