F2F Class Notes (Samara)


A Busy Day At The Office

Bob is a business assistant. He works for an advertising company. Today he is very busy. His boss, Mary, is out of town. He needs to handle all the calls and all the emails for her. He needs to make sure everything at the office runs well while she is not here. Bob’s phone has been ringing all day. Clients want to schedule meetings, and other people at the company are trying to contact his boss. It is a very busy day at the office.

Deborah was angry at her son. Her son didn’t listen to her. Her son was 16 years old. Her son thought he knew everything. Her son yelled at Deborah. He told her he didn’t have to do anything. He didn’t have to listen to her. He didn’t have to go to school. He didn’t have to do his homework. He didn’t have to study. He was 16. He could do anything he wanted to do. What could Deborah do? She wasn’t married. She was divorced. She could not control her son. He would listen to his father. But his father was not there. His father lived in another city.


Consonants: all of the other letters in the English alphabet.


When there are two vowels together or very close the first vowel says it’s name.


Cak and cake 
snip and snipe 
pop and pope
supper and super

The only time the rule changes is when there are double consonants like supper and super. only one makes the “u” says it’s name.