F2F Class Notes (Raph)[S][R]

Today we focused on:

We did reading and speaking, focusing on pronunciation.


Due date (n): 1- the date on which something is expected to happen, especially the date on which a sum of money is expected to be paid. 2- the date when you expected to give birth.
E.g.: I received my credit card bill and paid the full amount before the due date.
E.g.: My due date is February 14th.

Menopause  (n): 1- the time in a woman’s life when she gradually stops having periods (= blood flow from her uterus each month). 2- 绝经
E.g.: Most women go through menopause between the ages of 45 and 55.
E.g.: When my mother was going through her menopause, she felt hot even in the coldest day of winter.

Neutral (adj): 1- 中性
E.g.: She decided to paint the baby’s nursery in neutral colors.

IVF (n): 1- = in-vitro fertilization (n): 1- 体外受精
E.g.: The woman got pregnant through IVF / through in-vitro fertilization.

Uterus (n): 1- 子宫



Recently I just stopped working, so I go back home and waiting for my baby to born. I feel very bored alone at home, but a few days ago I can feel the baby is moving, so I feel very excited. And every night I lie down and ask my husband to listen to my stomach. I hope he can feel something and he can hear something. And he says that he can hear something like glu, glu. Very cute. I even don’t buy any things for my baby. And I’m trying to adjust myself about my body’s change.


Recently I stopped working, so I’ve been staying home and waiting for my baby to be born. I feel very bored alone at home, but a few days ago I felt the baby moving, so I felt/was very excited. Every night I lie down and ask my husband to listen to my stomach/belly, hoping he can feel something or hear something. He says that he can hear something like “glu, glu”, which I think is very cute. I haven’t even bought anything for my baby yet, because it’s still a bit early. Right now I’m just trying to adjust myself to the changes (I’m experiencing) in my body.


73-year-old woman gives birth to twins
(Source: www.breakingnewsenglish.com/1909/190910-giving-birth.html)

Is there an age at which it is too old to have a baby? A 73-year-old woman in India has given birth to twins. The woman said that becoming a mother for the first time was “the happiest time” of her life. The mother needed a caesarean section operation to deliver the twins. The mother and her two twin girls are all in good health and the mother is recovering well after the surgery. The woman thought she would never be able to have children. She and her husband first tried to have a child fifty years ago. All their attempts were unsuccessful. The woman thought she would be childless forever after her menopause started 25 years ago. She said not having children caused her pain as people called her “the childless lady”.

The woman was able to give birth because of the method of IVF. A healthy egg was taken from a younger woman and was fertilized with her husband’s sperm. The woman then carried the fertilized egg and she became pregnant. She said that when she found out she was having twins, she could not describe her happiness. She said: “This is the happiest time of my life.” The new mother’s doctors are also happy with their patient. One doctor said: “During the IVF treatment, we had three groups of doctors. One took care of her general health, one took care of her nutritional status and one took care of her pregnancy.” The doctor said she was always in very good hands.


The baby will give birth the next year February 14. – The baby will be born on February 14th, next year. / I will give birth on February 14th, next year.

What is happening in my recently life. – What is happening recently in my life / in my life recently.