F2F Class Notes (Raph)[R]


Current (adj): 1- about or happening right now.
E.g.: Lizzy has been at her current job for 2 years.
E.g.: My current boss is a very nice woman.

Previous (adj): 1- about or happening before now.
E.g.: Lizzy stayed at one of her previous jobs for 5 years.
E.g.: My previous boss was not very nice.

Crisis (n): 1- a very big and serious problem. 2- 危机
E.g.: The country is going through an economic crisis (经济危机).

Urgent (adj): 1- very important and needing attention immediately. 2- 紧急
E.g.: He has to sign that paper. Can you tell him that it is urgent?
E.g.: The most urgent thing in a fire is to make sure everyone is out of the building.
E.g.: Many people are in urgent need of food and water.

France (n): 1- 法国

Germany (n): 1- 德国

President (n): 1- 主席

Summit (n): 1- 首脑

Q: What do you do for a living?
A: I work in search engine marketing.


Amazon rainforest fires are an international crisis
(Source: www.breakingnewsenglish.com/1908/190825-amazon-fires-0.html)

The Amazon rainforest is burning. French President Emmanuel Macron said it is an “international crisis”. He said urgent action is needed. World leaders at the G7 summit should talk about them. He tweeted: “Our house is burning….The Amazon rain forest…is on fire. It is an international crisis.”

Germany’s leader called the fires an “acute emergency”. She said they were dangerous to the whole world. The UK leader called the fires “heart-breaking”. He wants to bring them under control “and help protect one of Earth’s greatest wonders”. The UN said: “The Amazon [and our oxygen] must be protected.”


Q: Do you…?
A: Yes, I do. / No I don’t.

Q: Can you…?
A: Yes, I can. / No, I can’t.

Q: Have you…?
A: Yes, I have. / No, I haven’t.

Q: Are you…?
A: Yes, I am. No, I’m not.

My job is search engine marketing. – I work in search engine marketing.

Google is not work at Chinese. – Google doesn’t work in China.

This company is the second long time at 2 years. – I’ve been working for my current company for 2 years, and this is my second longest job ever.

The first company I’m work 5 years. – I worked at my first company for 5 years.


Fell: /fel/

Bottle: /ˈbɑː.t̬əl/

Broke: /broʊk/

Hate: /heɪt//hey.t/

Hat: /hæt//h.at/

France: /fræns/

Germany: /ˈdʒɝː.mə.ni/

President: /ˈprez.ɪ.dənt/