F2F Class Notes (Raph)

Today we focused on:

Today we talked about Cecily’s wedding, and discussed marriage and children.


Bridesmaid (n): 1- a girl or woman who during the marriage ceremony helps the woman who is getting married.
E.g.: All the bridesmaids wore pink.
E.g.: Cecily’s best friends played bridesmaids at her wedding this weekend.

Maid of honor (n): 1- (at a wedding) a girl or woman who is the most important bridesmaid (= woman who helps the woman getting married).
E.g.: My cousin was the maid of honor at my sister’s wedding.
E.g.: She found it very hard to pick a maid of honor among the bridesmaids, so she decided not to have one.

Groomsman (n): 1- a friend of a man who is getting married who has special duties at the wedding including showing people to their seats.
E.g.: Five of his childhood played groomsmen at his wedding.

Best man (n): 1- (at a marriage ceremony) the male friend or family member who stands with the groom, and who is the most important of the groomsmen.
E.g.: I want my brother to be my best man.

Committee (n): 1- a group of people chosen from a larger group to act on or consider matters of a particular kind:
E.g.: She sits on the city’s finance committee.

Rise to the occasion (v): 1- perform very well in response to a special situation or event.
E.g.: Now that he’s a father, he needs to rise to the occasion and finally grow up.


Boss: /bɑːs/

Witness: /ˈwɪt.nəs/

Committee: /kəˈmɪti/