F2F Class Notes (Raph)


Presence (n): 1- the fact that someone or something is in a place.
E.g.: She was very happy by the presence of so many people at her party.
E.g.: The presence of pollen (花粉) in the air causes hay fever (花粉过敏) in some people.
E.g.: He’s usually quite polite in my presence.
E.g.: The document was signed in the presence of two witnesses.
E.g.: He was socially inept and uncomfortable in the presence of other people.

Decay (v): 1- to become gradually damaged, worse, or less; to cause something to do this:
E.g.: Sugar makes your teeth decay.
E.g.: The role of the extended family has been decaying for some time.
E.g.: Pollution has decayed the surface of the stonework on the front of the cathedral.

Nuclear Family (n): 1- a family consisting of two parents and their children, but not including aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.
E.g.: I’m not very close to my nuclear family.

Extended Family(n): 1- a family, including aunts, uncles, cousins grandparents, etc.
E.g.: Raph has a very large extended family.

Resign (v): 1- to give up a job or position by telling your employer that you are leaving.
E.g.: He resigned from the company in order to take a more challenging job.
E.g.: He decided to resign and focus on his family life.

Decade (n): 1- a period of ten years, especially a period such as 2010 to 2019
E.g.: Air traffic has increased 30% in the last decade.
E.g.: They predict that a large earthquake will strike the east coast before the end of the decade.


I go out at noon. – I went out / left the house at noon.

It is off duty today. – I am off duty today. / I am off today. / I am off work today. / Today is my day off.


Issue: /ˈɪʃ.uː/ /ee-shoe/

Technique: /tekˈniːk/

Inept: /ˌɪnˈept/

Presence:  /ˈprez.əns//pre.zens/

Signed: /saɪn/

Resign: /rɪˈzaɪn/


Decade: /ˈdek.eɪd/