F2F Class Notes (Phil)

Today we focused on:

talked about weather and problems people can face from the weather.






extremely hot

boiling hot

sun burn – when somebody stays too long in the sun and their skin turns red.

he got sunburn from falling asleep in the sun.

sun tan – to get darker skin from the sun

sun bathe – to lie on the beach to get a sun tan

In china sun bathing is not popular.

skin type 

light skin 

dark skin 

Dehydration – when somebody doesnt have enough water

in hot weather people can suffer from dehydration

hyperthermia- in freeing weather people can feel high temperature

sweat – when people become too hot

when I ride a bike in hot weather I sweat a lot.

a fine – money you have to pay for doing something wrong

I had to a fine for cycling on the pavement

pay somebody compensation

a driver hit me when I was riding my bike and he had to pay me compensation.


Use some of the vocabulary from today in some writing. Choose a topic that lets you use the words we learned.