F2F Class Notes (Nicholas)(W-Resume)

Next Class Focus

I have completed Evelyn’s introduction for her resume and accomplishments at her first job – now we need to move onto her second specific company experience and trim it down to 4-5 noteworthy highlights.



For over 4 years I have been entrusted by senior leadership to execute strategic, company-wide initiatives. The leadership I report directly to leverage my ability to learn quickly, analyze and optimize processes, as well as communicate and effectively delegate critical tasks to team members. I pride myself in my ability to think critically and decisively, to see all strategic initiatives through to completion, and to manage the team’s time efficiently — even when unexpected events arise. I am a strong negotiator and extremely detail-oriented.

Work Ability: 4 years of total support work experience, many times involved in the company’s major decision-making implementation and related system to establish implants, the company to create operations and management has a unique experience, strong negotiation ability (maybe include this later in the resume).

Professional Competence: Master the company structure, good at system optimization, according to the company’s development strategy to complete the project docking independently, good maintenance channel relations.

 Learning Ability: Rich experience in administrative personnel management, good at communication and expression and transposition thinking, with a strong ability to deal with unexpected events.

 Comprehensive Ability: have written expression and copy editing ability, according to the current situation of enterprises in-depth analysis of various data, the development of targeted management programs.

 Personal quality: decisive and capable, clear thinking, efficient completion of work tasks, good time management ability.

Served as the general manager’s “right-hand woman” responsible for high-level public relations, monitoring complex business transactions, and cultivating a company culture that allows team members to execute at the highest level.

Executed a personnel management strategy that attracted high quality professional talent, managed employee performance assessments, and improved the company’s professional development training programs.

Responsible for the relationship management and professional reception for all meetings including government agencies, decision makers, and key business relationships; ensured that all company meetings are run on-schedule, with an agenda, and that minutes are properly documented and distributed.

Responsible for the drafting of business documents with a keen eye for professionalism, clarity of thought, and branding.

 Business structure: To assist the general manager to deal with various matters, including: Public relations maintenance, complex transaction communication processing, corporate culture of intensive implantation, company internal staff management, personnel administration, procurement, as the general manager of the right-hand man and so on.

 Company planning: To assist the general manager to formulate the development plan, break down the work objectives of each stage, establish and improve the management system to promote the company’s profitability.

 Business Reception: Reception leaders at all levels to visit, properly arrange reception itinerary, expand and maintain government agencies, important customers and other aspects of the working relationship.

 Meeting Arrangement: Organize the company meeting, write the rules of procedure for major matters, organize the minutes of the meeting to file and save, print and distribute the departments.

 Personnel Management: Through the website, internal push and other means for the company to recruit staff, improve the staff performance appraisal program, for the position of the development of training programs.

 Administrative work: Leading the completion of the company’s corporate culture construction, the registration of new companies, the organization and planning of annual meetings, responsible for the preservation and management of qualification certificates.

 Financial Management: Responsible for the company’s fixed assets, office supplies procurement inventory, as well as the company’s vehicle entry and exit audit, strict compliance with the company system.

 Copy writing: the use of normative instruments, contract format to draft relevant documents, participate in the company logo, VI aspects of the design and audit work.

 assists the President in expanding the international market, collects customer information through Internet social networking sites, invites potential customers to negotiate with strangers, and reaches cooperation.

 assists in the formulation of the company’s management structure, the work charter of each post, reports on the status of Business management, and provides feasible analysis and resolution of views.

 assists the general meeting of shareholders, directors and presidents, and is responsible for the collation of documents, the production of conference PPT, and the archiving of Conference records.

 lead the company’s human resources management related rules and regulations, smooth implementation of employee labor Relations management, recruitment of the most matching staff and completion of training.

 Project Responsibilities: Project Assistant.
 Project content: Master the overall project process, management documents, do a good job in the investor’s risk alert work, responsible for the investor’s follow-up communication and maintenance.
 Project Description: The fund was officially launched on August 24, 18, with a storage period of 5 years and a capital size of 50 million.

 Professional Ability: Fund qualification certificate; three-level management qualification.
 Language skills: Simple English speaking and reading and writing skills, good Mandarin, public can clearly express their views.
 Computer skills: Proficient in the operation of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Office office software.