F2F Class Notes (Nicholas)(S)

Next Class Focus

Nicholas will finish this class’s notes with Evelyn.

Evelyn wants to learn Business English – let’s focus on interview skills.


I will go the other city / I will go home / I will go to another city 

I want have a restI need to rest

Sunday I’m come backSunday I will come back / I will come back on Sunday / I will return on Sunday

I talk with HRI am talking with HR / I talked with HR

when I came back we talk againWhen I come back to Shanghai, we will talk again

what meanswhat does this mean / what does it mean

Two verbs = Second verb “TO + VERB” 动词

e.g. I want improve my English / I want to improve my English

play with my friends / spend time with my friends / hang out with my friends

we meet some customerwe will be meeting with customers / we met with some customers


afraid / 害怕 / UH-FRADE

e.g. He looked very afraid.

refuse / 拒绝

e.g. I refused the job.

regret 后悔

e.g. I refused the job and now I regret it.

“work hard, play hard” /

tipsy / to be tipsy / this is just a little bit drunk

blackout drunk / very bad, so drunk that you can’t remember anything  – everything “goes black”

hangover / the day after you drink you feel sick

e.g. I went out last night and now I have a hangover. I’m hungover. I’m super hungover.

EDM / music that is loud in the club

responsibilities /  

beautiful / beauty

to meet “in-person” / this means to meet “face to face”

opinion / what I think / my opinion / 意见

anxiety / anxious / 焦虑

company culture 文化

industry / 行业

have you applied to jobs yet / 



What is your biggest professional (专业) strength (强度)? At work…at your job…what are you very good at doing?

I think write some article and talk with each other…business…management workers or colleagues….I manage assistant – help CEO or manager do something

What makes you a good manager assistant? Why are you good at being an assistant to the CEO/Manager?

Think for him – think before when he not thing any things – and help him finish some work.

He is the idea person – you

Something he doesn’t think (overlooks)

And talk with colleagues – how to do something is better (improve)



colleagues / not colleagues