F2F Class Notes (Nicholas) [S]

Next Class Focus

We will do speaking stories and Evelyn want’s to do some listening exercises from Avengers the movie or other big Hollywood movies or The Big Bang. We will do a mix of business speaking and conversational/non-business speaking.


persuasive / 说服力 

e.g. You can be persuasive with your words and in your writing.

e.g. I am a persuasive writer — I write persuasive copy.

e.g. I am a persuasive copywriter.

e.g. Copywriters write copy. Copywriters write the words for advertisements and for sales letters.

e.g. You are persuasive.

advertisement / 广告

e.g. Copywriters write the words for advertisements or “ads”.

to copy / to duplicate / 复印

concise / 简洁

e.g. If you write too many words, no one will read, so it’s better to write concisely.

e.g. I write in a very concise manner / way / style.

I serve / I work for (formal – business term)

e.g. I serve the CEO.

to execute / “to do” a plan

e.g. Evelyn helps the CEO execute his business plans.

overlook / you’re so busy you forgot important details

e.g. I make sure the CEO doesn’t overlook any important details.

process / 处理 / how you do something

e.g. Evelyn is always looking at the company’s processes and finding ways to improve / [streamline] them.

to streamline / to make a process faster and more efficient (高效)

e.g. If she can streamline our processes, projects will be finished quicker and we will save money – we will be more efficient!

efficient / 高效

e..g If a business is inefficient then they will lose money!

manicure / 修指甲


Question: What is your biggest professional (专业) strength (强度)? At work…at your job…what are you very good at doing?


I think write some article and talk with each other…business…management workers or colleagues….I manage assistant – help CEO or manager do something


I think my biggest strengths are my ability to write articles and to write persuasively, and also concisely. I’m a great business writer. 


and talk with each other…business…management workers or colleagues….I manage assistant – help CEO or manager do something


I also pride myself in my ability to (“I am I happy that I can”)  / I also work very well with my colleagues and to manage teams of people. I assist the CEO and other management with executing their most important business ideas. I help them focus on the things most important to them.

Question: What makes you a good manager assistant? Why are you good at being an assistant to the CEO/Manager?


Think for him – think before when he not thing any things – and help him finish some work. He is the idea person. Something he doesn’t think (overlooks) And talk with colleagues – how to do something is better.


I serve as the CEO’s / manager’s “right-hand woman”. Things that my CEO/Manager easily forgets — because of how busy he is — I make sure are never overlooked. And I am always open with my colleagues on how we can improve things – whether they be processes, products or projects,