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Nissin takes down Osaka ad after backlash

Naomi Osaka taking press photos with the Australian Open trophy. (AP Photo)

Naomi Osaka did two things exceedingly well in the last two weeks: claiming her second Grand Slam title and reaching the world No. 1 ranking.

She also had another smart move during the Australian Open. When questioned by media members after her tough, three-set semifinal victory over Karolina Pliskova, Osaka offered thoughts about Nissin Food Holdings’ recent ad. The Japanese company and sponsor of hers since late 2016 depicted her with a pale complexion and light brown hair in an animated advertisement.

”I’ve talked to them,” Osaka said in the press conference. “They’ve apologized. It’s obvious, I’m tan. It’s pretty obvious.”


and they knows how we live / and they know how we live

for about 20 years ago there wasn’t so many / for the past 20 years they haven’t been many…

if you decide to live in the foreign country it’s a must / ….in a foreign country

…in the university / in universityat university 

embraced all the race & all the skins tones / embraces all races…

e.g. Bobbi Brown is brand that embraces all races and all skin tones.

the politically correct in American culture / political correctness in American culture


“honorary” Chinese  / “honorary” member / you are a member like a guest because this group likes you

e.g. I traveled throughout India, and they loved so much, they named me an “honorary Indian”.


sarcasm / SAR-CAZ-UM

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