F2F Class Notes (Nicholas)


traditional – 传统

e.g. Nicholas has a traditional way of thinking sometimes.

open minded – progressive – forward thinking 

assistant  – I moved up –

admire – 欣赏

e.g. I admire Evelyn because she is always learning new things.

curvy – thick – thicc – sexy

e.g. Rihana and Beyonce are thicc!

beauty bloggers – beauty social media figures – 美妆博主

e.g. I follow a lot of beauty/makeup influencers.

influencers – famous on social media – internet famous – internet celeb – e-celeb

e..g You follow influencers.

doo doo doo – I scroll through itI will scroll through Dou Yin

subscribe – 订阅

e.g. I subscribe to my favorite YouTubers.