F2F Class Notes (Nemo)[W]


why should we hire you as our cabin crew?

what advantages do you have over others?

why do you like this industry?

1,I always admire that kind people who can speak multilingdual.I want be that person.So work for Lufthansa will not just a job for me.I will work in English environment as I like.At same time I can study German.It will be interest for me.
2,My strong curios driver me to understand my passengers.We have a forum really famous in people who always flight.They discumission airlines and serve there.I read a lot fun things in there.
3,Because helping people even do small things make them happy make me satisfy

1. I always admired that kind people who can speak many languages vmultilingual I always admired multilingual people. I want be such a person. So working for Lufthansa will/would not just be a job for me. I will work in English-speaking environment and that is what I want/like, at the same time I can study German. It would be an interesting change in my life.

2. My strong curiosity drives me to understand/know my passengers’ needs better. There’s an online forum that is well known among frequent flyers. Over there They discuss about different airlines and the quality of the service (provided).I read a lot fun things there.I have an eye for details. 我很了解细节. More and more passengers are Chinese nationals, and Chinese is my mother tongue. I’m familiar with East Asian etiquette. 我熟悉东亚的礼仪

3. Because helping other people even with minor things makes them happy and  makes me satisfied and fulfilled. 新雇的客舱乘务员通常对顾客的态度不正式。


etiquette (n):the set of rules or customs that control accepted behaviour in particular social groups or social situations
E.g.: Social etiquette dictates that men cannot sit while women are standing.
E.g.: Diplomatic etiquette forbids calling for the death of a national leader.

among (prep):happening or being included as part of a group of people or things
E.g.: a decision that has caused a lot of anger among women
E.g.:Relax, you’re amongst friends.
E.g.:Talk about it among yourselves (= talk to each other about it without me) for a while.

frequent flyer-飞行常客


newly hired cabin crew are usually not formal in their approach to the customers