F2F Class Notes (Nemo)[W]


Why novels are better than dramas
1. Dramas are commercial, their main goal is to make money. Nowadays, people are not watching dramas, but watching the stars. The quality of a movie or drama mainly depends on the star’s reputation, which is actually a downfall of culture.
2. Many novel authors write novels based on their dissatisfaction with society. Obviously, the govs won’t support any shooting according to the original novels. So, all of the Chinese dramas have a perfect ending. The bad guys will eventually be punished.
3. Some countries prohibit some content (pornography, excessive violence, etc.). In China, more and more content is prohibited. All homosexual novels will eventually be adapted to the socialistic bromance, and even add an actress to create a love triangle.
4. Dramas are a way of artistic expression. It will always be difficult to follow objective facts, and sometimes they are illogical/lacking logic.
5. The performance of an actor will greatly affect the quality of a/any drama.
6. Everyone’s understanding and feelings of the novel are different/unique, but what the drama presents is what the screenwriter wants to show us, and it often lacks a lot of imagination.

I don’t like watching dramas because there is too much emotional drama. Many guys love a heroine, and many girls love a hero. I don’t know what is the main idea of a show, usually, storylines/plots are painfully procrastinating in most of the love movies and shows.


plot (n): the story of a book, film, play, etc.
The movie has a very simple plot.
The plots of his books are basically all the same.

grammatical (adj): relating to grammar or obeying the rules of grammar
a grammatical (= grammatically correct) sentence

It’s been a long time since I read a book

恐怖片-Horror film