F2F Class Notes (Nemo)[S]


bank statement-银行对账单

paperwork (n):全部文件,全部资料
all the documents that you need for sth, such as a court case or buying a house
E.g.: How quickly can you prepare the paperwork?

prove (v):to show that something is true
They suspected that she’d killed him but they could never actually prove that it was her.
They proved him innocent/guilty.

proof (n):a fact or piece of information that shows that something exists or is true
E.g.: Do they have any proof that it was Hampson who stole the goods?
E.g.: “How old are you?” “21.” “Do you have any proof on you?”
E.g.: Keep your receipt as proof of purchase.

Do you have any proof (n) to prove (v)  that your statement is true.

Proof of home ownership-房屋所有权证明

shares certificate-股票/股权证书

to deposits money in a blocked account.-把钱存入被冻结的帐户。

deposit account (n):a bank account that pays you interest, in which you usually leave money for a long time

Travel Consent Letter-旅行同意书

obtain (v):to get something, especially by asking for it, buying it, working for it, or producing it from something else
E.g.: to obtain permission
E.g.: First editions of these books are now almost impossible to obtain.


In 2020 I have a trip to America and Canada and first I need prepare my family’s visa. There are a lot of documents that I have to fill out the application and bank statement, proof of home ownership, share certificate, 100000 rmb frozen on your bank account

In 2020 I’ll be traveling to America and Canada and first I need to prepare/apply for a visa for my son. There are a lot of required documents that I’ll have to obtain filled out application a bank statement, a proof of home ownership, a shares certificate, 100000 rmb frozen on my bank account/100000 deposited on my bank account