F2F Class Notes (Nemo)[S]


unsalted:(adj)with no salt added:
E.g.: unsalted butter
E.g.: unsalted nuts

salted : (adj)containing or covered in salt:
E.g.: salted peanuts
E.g.: lightly salted butter


sometimes all of the classes are fully booked

The hotel is fully booked, there are no rooms available.-A veces todas las clases son totalmente reservado

it all depends on how busy I am

I try to understand as much as possible


Sometimes I listen to Tv -movie  and I try to understand as much as possible but this week for example while I was doing did my Chinese homework in the living room, and while writing some words I was listening to a  TV show in english of course. I think this is also a way of studying English is too  But this week I had too many things to do,for example this Monday morning I went to an orphanage in the morning  and in the afternoon I did my Chinese homework. Thursday- I had  a Chinese class and then I went to a restaurant because it was my friend’s birthday, after that I had an English class. On the Wednesday it was my resting day  but I had an appointment with a Chinese doctor.